Nikolai - Ready To Flow
Humate - Spacetribe
Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (Kid Paul RMX)
Faithless - God Is A DJ ( Monster Mix)
Sven Väth - L´Esperanza
Secret Cinema - Timeless Attitude (Hardfloor RMX)
Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid
Acrid Abeyance - Exposure Track
Cherry Moon Trax - House Of House
Trope - Amphetamine (Original Mix)
Cygnus X - The Orange Theme (Ferry Corsten RMX)
Analoge Communications - Atmospheric Forces
Fortress - Orphean
Sunbeam - Outside World
Commander Tom - Are Am Eye
DJ Hooligan - Culture
Hardsequencer - Braincrash
Dr. Pravda - Krankenhaus
Jens - Loops & Things (RMX)
Jam & Spoon - Can You Feel It
Robotnico - Machina Nera
Hardsequencer - From The Ear To The Brain
Nostrum - Baby
Hardsequencer - The Dancing Nations (RMX)

Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles
Humate - Love Stimulation
Ultrahigh - Primitive Love
Vernon - Wanderer
Marmion - Schöneberg (Marmion RMX)
L.S.G. - Hearts
Quench - Dreams
Nikolai - Ready To Flow (Microwave Prince RMX)
Lesamis - Eternal Sleep
Sonic Infusion - Unfuture
Casseopaya - Overdose
Exit EEE - Eye Laugh
Zyon - No Fate
Velucity - Lust (Art Of Trance)
Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance
Pascal Device - Follow Me Into The Light
Central Love II - Traum
Pyrate - Bycance
Space Frog - Time Slip
Padre Terra - Ordenator
Sub-Stance - Urban Sea
Komakino - Outface
Nexus 6 - Tres Chic
Lunatic Asylum - The Meltdown


Raum 107 - Thelemoog (Preview)


Division 44 (forthcoming)

Yet another masterpiece done by German producer Raum 107. He just recently released this preview on his Soundcloud, stating the release will be featured on an upcoming compilation. Though he classifies this “Magickal Trancecore” it’s still got his signature doomy doom doom sound. Though using the word Trance isn’t far from wrong. The elegant melody he uses to accompany to gloomy beat is rather blissful, and trancy. Though don’t confuse this for something uplifting. There’s no stopping the end that is to come. These are his words on the Soundcloud page:

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The “speechles variation” of my “Wir Leben Grau… (…in Grau)” work!


FSS Propaganda Machine

We acknowledge the fact that
the society issued us no tasks which would be meaningful or or important
for a togetherness

Neither are we suppliers or are interested in horny careers

We proclaim the

: conscious enjoyment :

We know about the broth flowing through
the streets of our cities
flowing from our television sets
propagating in the parliaments

We look back with nostalgia on the
creeping disappearance of cultural characteristics
language art
in short the disappearance of identities

We know about the inevitability of this development
But we don´t waste time with protesting

We despise the everyday politics because it is petty
We despise political extremes
regardless of which direction they come from
they are nothing more then gnawed bones
of an irreversibility
Above all we despise all these extremes
because they are a waste of time
The apologists of prehistoric empty phrases
just try to avoid our enjoyment

We don´t want to convert anyone and we don´t want to be converted

We are not blunt consumers
We are well aware of the demise of all things
and enjoy

The knowledge of the smell of our time presents us over them
and our enjoyment is creating art
that’s our only job

Electronic sound is our weapon
Our battle cry is the slow monotony of a never-ending kickdrum
So we celebrate week by week our contempt for
the abuses of this meaningless time

The electronic music was really the last true gift from
europe to the world
like other bless our planet with weapons and destruction

The prisoners the pedants the complainer
they think we escape and anesthetize us

We do not escape as escape is futile
We know that a race wouldn´t make sense in this time
it would not be liveable

Maybe we even anesthetize us but we do it consciously

We’re dancing upright in the downfall
Dance with us and make you free